Boundaries are meant to be pushed

The biggest reason cuckold couples choose to bring a Bull into their lives can be summarized in one word: change.

For any of a hundred different reasons their sex life had reached a point where they both agreed to include another person in their bed. Some couples try swinging. Others opt for threesomes. Then there are couples who choose the cuckold lifestyle.

A smart Bull recognizes this, and he works with the couple to restore the sexual energy the couple desires. The way to do that is to really understand what they want (or what they THINK they want), and bring those changes into their bedroom.

The Bull should take the time to get to the bottom of what motivates them both. This can take weeks of communicating, and often times the husband and the wife each have different reasons for choosing the lifestyle.

Sometimes the wife may be turned on by something and the cuckold husband is turned on by something different. But each of their different needs and desires lead them to the same solution, which is the decision to include another man in their relationship. It is important to fully understand what they both need and then try and fulfill both needs. Otherwise the relationship will not last long and the Bull will soon be searching for another couple.

Along with their motivations the Bull needs to understand the limits of the husband and the wife. Once again, these limits may not be the same. If not then the Bull is usually limited to the most restrictive boundary.

For instance if the husband wants his wife to go bareback, but the wife insists on condom use then the Bull must use condoms. Ideally the limits of both the husband and wife will be the same, but this is not always the case. Limits with some couples might include kissing, condom use, anal, humiliation, etc. Every couple will be unique.

But one important thing to remember is that the couple brings a Bull into their bedroom because they want someone else to take charge and bring that change.

They may not discuss it  (or even realize it), but they understand that giving control to someone else also means that things may not always go as they expect. This element of the unknown is something that enhances the experience for the couple. It’s also a tool for a smart Bull to use!

Don’t be predictable. Shake things up. That’s what they WANT (even if they don’t know it). Respect boundaries, but don’t be afraid to push them either. Pushing boundaries without actually crossing them can be a great way to create unforgettable encounters that will leave the couple thirsty for more.

For instance, if the wife insists on condom use, deliberately push her limit. Over the course of a few visits, during foreplay and while moving toward intercourse, deliberately create situations where your uncovered cock is strategically placed at the entrance of her vagina.

Let your cock bump against her clit. Deliberately let it slide up and down her wet opening. Don’t cross that boundary and penetrate her. Instead wait for her to do that. She will, if you’re patient enough. Eventually she will raise her hips and take you inside.

Once that occurs then that boundary has fallen, but SHE is the one who did it, not you. You merely created the circumstances that made her WANT to cross her own boundary (smart Bull!).

From then on she may allow penetration and intercourse without a condom. But she may also adjust her boundary, asking that from that night forward you to pull out prior to reaching orgasm.

Once again, this is just another boundary to be pushed. Abide by her wishes at first. Over time you can push that boundary, pulling out later and later, until the inevitable night when she holds you tight and allows you to spray her full of your cum. Then that boundary too will have fallen.

This same process works equally well with the cuckold husband, as he will follow the wishes of his wife. He will usually agree to anything that she desires. If there is something she wants that he does not, she will eventually ‘win’ and get her way.

This brings up one more point. There will be times when you want the wife to agree to something that may not interest her. There may also be things you want the cuckold husband to do or agree to, which he may not find appealing.

In both cases you should know how to work the other spouse to assist you in your efforts. Don’t be too obvious or the couple will see it as a divide and conquer strategy (it is). You must be subtle, and learn how to gently persuade one spouse to help you convince the other. A smart Bull learns to master this technique.

If you are smart and patient, you can eventually get any cuckold couple to do whatever you want, without them ever being aware of it and without them ever feeling like you disregarded their limits.

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