Shifting her respect from him to you

One of your goals as a Bull should be to get the wife’s respect as a man, indeed as THE man, in her life. For women, attraction and respect go hand in hand.  She must respect you if she is going to be sexually drawn to you.

This is not something you can or will accomplish in one visit. It will take time, accomplished by a process that is not unlike any other relationship. It begins with treating her with total respect, as you would any woman. Of course the biggest difference in this situation is that there is a third person involved, the husband.

It’s actually your relationship with the husband that can offer the best opportunities to improve the wife’s respect for you. As part of the cuckold relationship, the husband must step aside in many respects, offering his wife to you. He must furthermore defer to you in all situations, decisions, etc.

The husband’s subservience is always implied on some level. To some this might mean complete submission, while in other relationships it might simply mean that you go first in a MFM sexual encounter. The exact level of subservience is different in every Bull-cuckold-Hotwife relationship, and you will need to establish that for your situation.

However, regardless of that level, there can only be one Alpha male and that must be the Bull. Women are naturally drawn to the Alpha male. For you, the challenge is that the wife has an existing relationship and emotional attachment with the man she has long considered to be “her” Alpha male. You need to change that.

The first step has already happened, before you even became involved. The couple has agreed to include another male. Bear in mind that there are many reason that the wife may have agreed to this. She may genuinely have a need for more sex. She may have agreed to do this to “spice up” their marriage. But the most common reason most women agree is because the HUSBAND suggested it and he likely talked her into it. She probably agreed to it in order to please him.

Regardless of why the wife agreed, one undeniable fact will be on her mind – her husband was willing to take a backseat to another man, agreeing to offer the woman he loves to another man for sexual gratification. She may love her husband, but the fact that he has offered her to another man will leave her perplexed at best, and possibly disappointed. Her respect for him has already been diminished, even if she doesn't realize it!

As cruel as it may sound, your job is to further reduce her respect for her husband, and to build her respect you. When dealing with the husband, you need to demonstrate Alpha male behavior. Confidence and demeanor are everything. Most of your attention should focus on the wife, not the husband. 

At your first meeting or two, you should engage them both. Over time you should spend less time interacting with the husband. But remember, the wife loves her husband. You don’t want to do anything rude or openly condescending to the husband. You want to come across as the dominant man, focused on the woman he desires, while slowly letting the husband fade into the background. If done properly, she will see you emerge as the Alpha male in the relationship, and become sexually drawn to you.

This same attitude should follow into the bedroom or any sexual setting. When meeting, always be aware to physically place yourself between the wife and husband. Stand and sit between them. Use your presence as a barrier between the husband and his wife. She will unconsciously view this as your herding and protecting your woman from “the competition”.

Once things become physical, don’t be shy, even when the husband is present. The idea of a cuckold relationship is that the wife becomes yours. Treat her as your woman. Sit beside her, kiss her, hold her hand, caress her, etc., as if she were your own wife. When things are ready to become sexual, take charge. 

Tip: Don’t EVER ask the husband for permission. If you need confirmation that she is ready to become sexual, get that from her, NOT him. Whether it’s body language, a whisper or discussion, the decision is between you and the wife. Ignore the husband if he is present. Do the same in bed. If the husband is present you should largely ignore him.

However, there are a few exceptions to this, all of which can be used to enhance her respect for you and reduce her respect for him.  Some couples enjoy variations of verbal humiliation. This can include you and/or the wife hurling demeaning insults at the husband, criticizing his manhood (literally and figuratively), his sexual ability and lack thereof, and the fact that he lets another man bed his wife. Common comments and questions might include:

From you: “Do you like watching me fuck your wife?”
From you: “Your wife has a great pussy. Too bad you won’t be getting any of it tonight”
From you: “She sucks cock like a pro. How could you give this up?”

From her: “He is so much better (or bigger) than you Honey!”
From her: “I would rather fuck him than you”.
From her: “You may not ever get my pussy again”.

As you say things such as this to the husband his wife will lose more respect for him. You should try to get the wife involved with talking to her husband in this manner. Her insulting him will greatly speed up the process of losing respect for him, and shift that same respect over to the man lying in bed next to her (you!).

The final step in the process involves the sexual union itself. There is a proven physiological response that all women experience when they have an orgasm. It leads to an emotional bonding with the man she is having sex with. Another scientifically proven fact is that women derive a greater level of satisfaction from sex which results in the deposit of semen in their vagina. Semen contains dozens of hormones which are absorbed into a woman’s body, resulting in a deeper sense of calmness and satisfaction after sex.

Use this knowledge to build a stronger physical relationship with the wife. Engage in intercourse with her often, making sure that she has intense, multiple orgasms. If you are engaging in au natural sex be sure to ejaculate inside her at least once every encounter.

Another angle to get her respect is to place limits on the sex that the husband and wife can engage in with one another. This is not uncommon among cuckold couples. The Bull often directs them to refrain from sex. You might demand that they only have oral sex together. Or you may demand that they not have intercourse within two or three days of when you plan to see her next, or you could ban them from having intercourse at all. I once had a couple that was allowed to have intercourse only the day after I had sex with her. If the couple will agree to this it will work to your advantage in many ways. 

First, you’ve taken charge of their sex lives, which she will admire. When you do have sex with her, she will be more receptive (and have better orgasms), because she hasn’t been having sex with her husband.  Time without sex builds passion! She will lose even more respect for her husband if he allows you to have control over his sexual releases. 

If you do end up having intercourse with the wife exclusively (limiting her husband to oral only), she will strongly bond with you. If you want to relegate her husband to an even lower level of subservience, and deal another blow to the decline of her respect for her husband, consider having him go down on her after you’re engaged in intercourse and ejaculated inside her.

There are few ways to better demonstrate your role as the dominant male, than to ejaculate inside the wife and then demand that her husband crawl between her outstretched legs and immerse himself in the juices of your union. Tasting and smelling the essence of his wife’s pussy after you completed yourself inside her reinforces his position as a subservient male, relegated to deriving his sexual satisfaction solely from your “leftovers”.

For the wife, she will be unable to deny the obvious ramifications from seeing her husband submit in this manner. Consider her viewpoint. Who would she have more respect for? The man who mounted and pounded her, leaving her satisfied and filled. Or the man who sat in the corner until summoned to lap the cum out of her used, gaping pussy, emptying it of the very essence she found so pleasing? The answer is obvious.

You’re the Bull. Take your time, play it smart and reap your rewards.

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