Knocking her up

Got your attention, didn't I? 

Knocking her up. Getting her pregnant. Whatever you want 
to call it, one thing is certain:  
If you're fucking someone 
else's wife it CAN happen. 

We all dance around the subject.  After all it's the couple's responsibility for birth controlSo we avoid the subject, thinking it will be total buzz kill. 

But guess what? I've dealt with a lot of couples in my time, and you may be wrong about that.

Some couples get off on the FANTASY of it. 

Before I go any further, did you get that? It's the FANTASY of the idea that it could happen 

I've read stories of couples in the cuckold lifestyle who deliberately conceive a child using the Bull as a surrogate father, but I tend not to believe them. I have also never met a couple that deliberately did or would do that.

It's the fantasy of the POSSIBILITY that it could happen. Fantasizing about getting pregnant can be HOT. Why wouldn't it? Making babies is what sex is all about. For some people the possibility of impregnation can be intensely arousing.

Look at it from the wife's point of view. Her husband has become less exciting in bed. Now she's been sexually reawakened by an attractive man, and willing to do most anything to please him. She's having sexual thoughts she hasn't had since she first got married. She is also willing to push things for her new lover and have great sex with him, including having sex during times which may coincide with her ovulation (especially if her lover is persuasive).

The husband sees it much the same. He has watched his wife become sexually awakened by another man. He has seen her do more and more with this man over time, and it turns him on. He also recognizes that his wife could end up giving this man not only her body, but perhaps even go so far as letting him give her a baby. This is not an uncommon fantasy, and many couples refer to this as the "ultimate gift". 

But for you, the Bull, this fantasy has an equally powerful appeal. You see, it gives you a way to exercise control over the wife and rise to a challenge that I enjoy immensely. It's called "Pregnancy Risk Fucking".

Ovulation normally is the 10th day after a woman starts her period. But for some it can be a few days either way. When a woman is ovulating, and for a day or two before, she is the HORNIEST she will be all month. Many women will tell you that they think about sex constantly during this time, and some even stay "wet" for that day or two. It's a physiological reaction. Their body wants them to fuck. They need sperm! 

Now, women aren't stupid. A wife knows that she's most likely to conceive during this time. So she may insist on condom use. After all, she's thinking with her head (at first). 

But a smart Bull recognizes this as a time of weakness. He sees it as a challenge and a way to get the hottest, wettest fuck possible from the wife.

It's not as tough as it seems either. First you make plans to see her on "the day", or the day before. You make sure she's had a drink or two (or three). When it's time for sex and she mentions a condom, you gladly place one on the nightstand. 

But during foreplay you drag things out to make sure that she is EXTRA aroused, taking your time to work her over completely. Soon she will be  writhing beneath you. Push her thighs apart and kneel between them. Lean over and suck on her breasts. Slowly, deliberately let the tip of your hard cock bump against the opening of her pussy, allowing it to drag over her clit. Reach down and rub the tip up and down her wet slit... slowly... rythmically...

At some point she will raise her hips and take you inside. Don't speak. Let her go into a trance of pleasure as she rocks back and forth beneath you. Let her body set the pace. She knows the danger but she'll be unable to stop. Her body is responding. Her mind is no longer in charge. Enjoy the power you have over her.

When the orgasms approach ask her if she wants you to cum inside. She'll say "yes". They always say "yes" (but afterward you can tell her that it was HER idea!)

She needs you to ejaculate inside. Her body craves it. Her husband even wants you to do it. So let go and flood her fertile pussy with your sperm. 

She will explode when your cock does, and the condom will be sitting on the bedside table. Pregnancy risk fucking. It's hot!

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