Rubbing his nose in her infidelity

Cuckold play involves conflicting and potentially confusing emotions.

Wives often feel conflict about being attracted to and enjoying sex with another man (or men) other than their husband. In time most will resolve those feelings, learning to separate sex from love. 

The husband has different emotions at work. While he may be aroused by another man making love to his wife, the husband must also learn to deal with jealousy and any insecurities he may have in his marriage. 

The Bull may like and befriend the husband, while at the same time be willing to rub the husband's nose in the fact that his wife loves fucking another man.

Each must learn to deal with the different emotions and adopt their roles to complete the other two. It's a three-way relationship, and all depend on each other for fulfillment.

Successful Bulls take the time to learn and understand what the wife and cuckold husband need. It's not just sex, it's a combination of sex with a form of power play. The wife enjoys the extra attention and sex, while at the same time she enjoys knowing that her acts with the Bull also satisfy needs her husband has. The husband enjoys seeing his wife totally aroused and satisfied by another man, while at the same time having his emotions prodded by being teased and taunted to a certain extent.

The extent of the desired teasing and taunting is unique to every cuckold husband, but most enjoy some aspect of what I call "having their nose rubbed in it".

This can present many enjoyable ways for the Bull to exert himself over the couple. For instance, at times I enjoy "making" the husband watch me do something sexual with his wife. 

Of course he wants to watch, so I'm not really MAKING him do anything. But it creates the illusion that I can get her to do something for me, and he has to witness it. 

Sometimes, while screwing a wife I like to tell her to look at her husband, and tell her to admit that she loves it when I fuck her. 

Sometimes I will even ask the husband what he thinks of his wife, now that I'm fucking her. I may ask him if he likes being married to a slut. 

It may sound mean or even cruel, but I promise that they both love that talk.

Many couples love it when I make the wife spread her legs after I fuck her, and show her husband her used pussy. This has a very powerful effect on both, as she must expose herself in the most personal manner possible and he is "forced" to witness the undeniable evidence of his wife's infidelity. 

Of course, rubbing his nose in it can go even more extreme, with the husband being "forced" to clean up his wife's pussy after sex. This is a common theme among those couples who have been in the lifestyle for some time. (See Creampies)

It also holds multiple possibilities, as the wife herself can get involved along with the Bull, encouraging or even demanding that the husband get between her legs and clean her. 

I sometimes enjoy laying next to the wife, holding and kissing her while her husband lays between her legs and eats her pussy. If she cums (which they often do) I know that she is looking at me and thinking of me, even though it's her husband making her cum. 

I guess it's another power angle that I enjoy. Go ahead, rub his nose in it. They'll both get off on it!

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