The Secret to making her think of YOU for sex

As the Bull, your goal is to ultimately become the wife's primary sex partner and replace the husband in the bedroom. Don't feel bad about it. They want it every bit as much as you do, or they wouldn't have entered into the relationship in the first place. Spicing up their sex life by introducing you to their bed is for everyone's benefit.

However, the reality is that you still have an uphill battle. They've been an established couple for years. Although their sex life may have waned recently, they still have a sexual and emotional connection.

Your goal is to break their sexual connection. Here's how you do it in three steps.

First, capitalize on the newness of the relationship. Their sex life had become mundane. That's why they reached out for someone new. NEW is the key! Think about it. Every first date is exciting, whether you're a man or a woman. Every time you have sex with someone for the first time, it's exciting. That excitement is what she NEEDS.

Take advantage of it. Fan it like a new flame. Nurture it and blow on it and build it into a roaring fire as you become HER NEW BOYFRIEND.

After you first start seeing them/her, it's important that you get permission (from them both) to begin contacting her privately using email, texts and phone calls. That's an important step for two reason. First it's a voluntary concession by the husband to step aside. Second, it gives you the freedom to begin working the wife with more privacy. WARNING: do NOT assume the husband won't see or hear or your communication. Many wives like to share that with their husband, in order to tease him. Stick with the agenda (becoming her new sex partner). You can be as crude or sexual as you want to be. But be careful not to stray into anything that might be construed as trying to steal the wife away from her husband. If you do that it's game over.

Texting "I'm going to leave you dripping cum" is fine.

Texting "I want you to leave him for me" is grounds for immediate dismissal.

Once you have permission to email and text the wife, then do so. She'll love the attention. Stroke her female vanity. Show her that your interested and thinking about her. She's a woman who has been sexually reawakened after years of being taken for granted. Use that to your advantage. Let her know she's on your mind. Tell her that you can't wait to see her again. Compliment her. Tease her and create anticipation. Have her panting at the thought of your next visit. Be just like ANY NEW BOYFRIEND and ride that wave of new excitement together. That's step one.

Step two can be summed up in one word: orgasms. When someone has an orgasm it releases endorphins into their system. Endorphins create a sense of happiness and contentment, and that state of mind is subconsciously associated with the person they're with when it happens. When you feel good then you feel good about the person you're with. This is why some people spontaneously say the words "I love you" after orgasm. They truly DO love the other person at that moment!

So make it your goal to give her orgasms when you're together. The more orgasms, and the more powerful her orgasms, the better. In fact, it's to your advantage to leave her totally spent when you have sex with her. If you can do this then she won't have any sexual energy left for her husband. This minimizes chances they will have sex after you leave, and further weaken their sexual bond (which is your goal).

The third and final step is to create space between her and her husband whenever sex is involved. You want her to think, feel, touch, taste, hear and see YOU, and NOT him, when she is experiencing pleasure and orgasms. This further reinforces her association with YOU and sex, and diminishes her association between her husband and sex.

Doing this however, may take some creativity on your part. Many couples enjoy the husband's presence at some level. Otherwise he is left out, and the Cuckold play loses its appeal as a "couple experience".

So, if the husband is present how do you create that space between him and her? Well, "space" comes in different forms, both physical and emotional. For example, if the husband is present but the wife cannot see him, then there is space between them. Having him sit in a chair in the corner where she cannot see him is one way to accomplish this (out of sight = out of mind).

Some couples enjoy the idea of the husband waiting in the living room, or even sleeping in the guest room, while the wife and lover have sex in the master bedroom. Believe it or not, the simple act of locking the door has intense emotional connotations associated with it (talk with the wife about this first).

Some couples like the thought of the husband being just out of sight, but within earshot, so that he can hear (but not see) the sex between you and the wife.

Other couples go as far as the wife visiting the Bull at his home by herself, or having the Bull over while the husband is at work, etc. Some wives have gone as far as accompanying the Bull on an overnight business trip or on a short vacation cruise, while the husband remains home alone.

All of these examples create physical space between the wife and husband, so that her attention is focused solely on you. When she is moaning in the throes of orgasm you will be the only person on top of her, but more importantly the only person in sight and on her mind.

But what about those couples who get joint pleasure from the husband being present? As I mentioned, you can still create space between them, in the form of emotional space.

Emotional space is created through conditioning, or what some call a simple form of brainwashing. To do this you begin a pattern of getting the wife to admit that she likes sex with you better than she likes sex with her husband. Some say this is the most effective form of space, because it's created in the wife's own mind and it's not dependent on the physical location of the husband. No matter where he is, she still wants you more than him. If you can accomplish this, she is totally yours.

The process is simple but gradual. At first, try to always make sure the husband is sitting in a corner, or out of sight of the wife. Then, during sex and while she is very aroused, make the wife admit that she wants you inside her. Make her ask for it, and tell you that she needs it. Make sure she speaks loud enough for her husband to hear.

Over time, and during the next several encounters, you then increase the intensity of the banter.

Make her admit that she thinks about you during the day.

Make her admit that she loves texting with you.

Make her admit that she masturbates while thinking about you.

Make her admit that she couldn't wait to see you.

Make her admit that she loves fucking you.

Make her admit that she loves your cock.

Make her admit she loves sucking your cock.

Make her admit that she loves it when you cum in her mouth.

Make her admit that she would rather fuck you than her own husband.

Make her admit that she wants you to cum inside her.

Make her admit that she would rather have your cum than her husband's.

Make her admit that she would do anything for you.

You can take it as far as you want. I once had a woman admit that she would let me share her with a buddy, and another woman who said I could get her pregnant if I wanted (no, I didn't).

Regardless of how far you push her, it's important to remember to make her admit these things loud enough for her husband to hear, and make her admit them RIGHT ON THE VERGE of her orgasms. That's when she is the most aroused and will agree to anything. Saying these things reinforces them her own mind.

The idea is to get her to readily verbalize her desire for YOU over her HUSBAND and the key is REPETITION, REPETITION, REPETITION!

In the beginning she may say those things simply to please you. But the more she says them, the more she will begin to believe it. Soon, she will be thinking only of you when she's horny.

It's called conditioning for a reason, and IT WORKS if you stick with it.


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