What IS a cuckold anyway?

Some say it all began with the pill and free love, or at least risk free love.

Then key parties and swinging became the way to spice up waning sex lives after years of mundane marriage. Now cuckold marriages have become the latest rage in extramarital explorations.

Some say it's a new fad, but I disagree. I believe cuckold marriages have always been a part of the human experience. After all, what exactly is a cuckold?



1. the husband of an unfaithful wife
verb (used with object)
2. to make a cuckold of (a husband)

1200-50; Middle English cukeweld, later coc(k)wold, cukwold <Anglo-French, equivalent to Old French cocu cuckoo + -ald. Apparently orig. applied to an adulterer, in allusion to the cuckoo's habit of laying its eggs in other birds' nests.

So you see, a cuckold is merely a guy who's wife is unfaithful, and wives have been cheating on their husband's since the beginning of time. That's all.

Today, there has developed a cuckold lifestyle which involves a married couple where the wife takes a lover and the husband not only knows about it, he is sexually aroused by it all. 

However, the internet is filled with deviations of this simple definition, hijacked by extremists and propagated by the throngs of frustrated husbands who type with their left hand and whack off with the other. There are delusional postings, twisted to the extremes and overlapping every other fetish conceivable. 

Every cuckold website is littered with fictitious versions of submissive, cross-dressing, diaper clad, cuckold husbands bound, chained to the bed, and forced to endure endless hours of humiliation as they are forced to serve their bulls, fluff their cocks, and watch helplessly as their wives are repeatedly gang raped by dozens of black men, none of which possesses a penis under ten inches in length. 

 I’ve been doing this for years and I’m here to tell you those stories are nothing more than the bullshit manifestations of overly frustrated husbands, with wives who know nothing about their husband’s true desire to be a cuckold.

However, there ARE some real couples out there who DO enjoy a cuckold lifestyle. I’m fortunate to have been with some of them, and I have prepared this guide for those who want to follow in my footsteps. 

Start here, with my Guide to Being a REAL Bull.

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