Refraining from Sex

Many couples find that they enjoy refraining from having sex for some time whenever there is the possibility of the wife seeing a lover or Bull in the near future. 

It can be a fun way to heighten the experience for everyone involved. Not only does it help create sexual tension and build anticipation, but it can create a more intense sexual experience with incredible orgasms.

However, there is a fine line between building sexual tension and creating an intolerable situation that results in excessive stress and frustration for everyone. A little sexual frustration leading to better orgasms is a great thing. Letting that grow into emotional frustration is not!

However, abstinence is something every cuck couple and Bull should consider including in their repertoire of games. 

There is also voluntary abstinence and involuntary abstinence. To be sure, the entire cuckold-Hotwife-Bull relationship is actually a form of role play, and so everything is voluntary. But creating the illusion of involuntary acts and the lack of choice can be a powerful tool. 

For instance, a Bull may insist that the couple not have sex within several days prior to a planned encounter he may have with the wife. 

Or the wife herself may rebuff advances from the cuckold husband, insisting that she wishes to remain celibate until she is taken again by the Bull, who is her preferred lover (slight domination theme).

Abstinence can be limited to intercourse only, or it can include all sex acts. I know one couple that engaged in regular sex (oral, handjobs, etc.) while I was seeing her. But intercourse was strictly limited to me. The only time he was allowed to enter his wife was during the end of our encounters together, and then only after I had completely satiated myself with his wife. That husband had some of the most intense orgasms he'd ever experienced in his life.

The length of time to wait is a matter of personal preference and tolerance. The average that I have experienced is usually a matter of days, perhaps two to five days. 

For instance, if I was planning to see a couple on a Saturday I might instruct them to have no intercourse after Tuesday, and no orgasms after Thursday. That's just an example. You will have to come up with your own guidelines based on your own experience, and that of the couple. 

Try it though. You may like it!

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