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As I mentioned in another blog, a cuckold couple brings a Bull into their relationship to restore their sexual energy to what it once was. Everyone remembers what it’s like when you’re in a new relationship. The first date jitters, the butterflies, the excitement of those early sexual encounters and so on. This is the energy that a cuckold couple hopes to recapture by including a new person in their sex lives.

If you’re smart you will capitalize on it to create intense experiences for you and for them.

The first meeting or two or three may be almost traditional. You will likely have sex with the Hotwife in several positions and probably in a normal setting like a bedroom or sofa. Perhaps the cuckold husband even participates the first time or two, with some male-female-male sex play. At this point in the relationship simply having someone new is probably sufficient stimulation for everyone.

However, as things progress further into a true Bull-Hotwife-cuckold relationship, the Bull should begin to assert himself and take charge. He can steer the encounters and become more creative. This is the point where everyone can start to “live out their wildest fantasies”.

Take charge. Push things in the direction you want, and the direction the couple or Hotwife wants. Be dominant. But you must also be creative. Even the most attractive, well-hung Bull will begin to lose his appeal if every encounter is the same routine. It's your role to keep those fires burning. 

Over the years I have had the good fortune to live out many fantasies, some of my own creation and some were the ideas of others. Here are a few suggestions you may wish to include in your play with a couple:

  • Have the Hotwife suck you off in a semi-public place while the cuckold husband stands guard 
  • Have the cuckold husband leave the bedroom for short periods of time while you are having sex with his wife
  • Have the cuckold sit in the closet or someplace out of sight, where he can hear the sex but not see anything
  • The first time you spend the night at the cuckold couples home, and if you sleep in the guest room, slip into their bed at 4:00 a.m. and awaken them by crawling between the Hotwife’s legs and fucking her
  • Meet the Hotwife at her home or your home for a mid-day nooner, while the cuckold husband is at work
  • Spend the night later at the home of the cuckold couple, with you and the Hotwife sleeping in the master bedroom this time, and the husband sleeping alone in the guest room
  • When doing the above, send the Hotwife down to visit her husband every hour, so that he can touch, taste and smell the sex on his wife
  • Stop by the couples’ home on short notice late at night, fuck the Hotwife and leave
  • When having sex with the Hotwife alone at your place, call the cuckold husband at home and let him listen in
  • Use a video camera to tape yourself and the Hotwife having sex, then send her home to her husband with the videotape
  • Pick up the Hotwife at her home, take her out to dinner, then return to her home together and go straight to their bedroom for sex. Leave the cuckold hubby in the living room
  • Use the Hotwife's cell phone to take pics of her sucking and fucking, and send them to the cuckold husband while you’re having sex
  • Spend time socializing in the living room with the couple, perhaps watching a movie.  But sit next to the Hotwife, kissing, teasing, groping and treating her like your wife
  • Have the cuckold husband lay next to his wife in bed and continuously apply liberal amounts of lube while you fuck her tits until you cum
  • Share the Hotwife with a male friend (or two) while her husband watches
  • Share the Hotwife with a female friend (if both are bi) while her husband watches
  • Go to a swing club with the cuckold couple, with you and the Hotwife being the “couple”
  • Have sex on the beach at night while the cuckold husband stands lookout
  • Have the cuckold husband put his face inches away from his wife’s pussy while you fuck her, then tell him to masturbate to orgasm like that
  • Call the cuckold ahead of a date or a visit, and tell him to dress his wife in a certain way, or tell him to make sure her pussy is shaved bald for you, etc.
  • Have the Hotwife talk to her cuckold husband while you fuck her, making sure to smile at him and tell him how much better the sex is with you
  • Buy a “Hotwife” or “Cuckold” anklet for the Hotwife and have her wear it when you go out in public
  • Have the cuckold husband tie his Hotwife to their bed spread eagle and blindfold her before you arrive, then you fuck her hard and rough while he watches
  • All three of you attend a (adult) house party, with you and the Hotwife acting as the main couple
  • Have the cuckold husband drive his Hotwife to your place for sex. Then make him wait in the living room while you take his wife to the bedroom
  • While at a public function or party with a cuckold couple whisk the Hotwife away to a private spot, have sex with her, then return and let the husband know
  • When all of you are at a restaurant together, you and the Hotwife go out to the car for a quick sex session (fucking or blowjob) then return to the table and sit side by side
  • Call the Hotwife and cuckold hubby at their home, and have him go down on her while you and she have phone sex
  • Have the Hotwife take off her wedding rings and hand them to the cuckold husband before she goes into the bedroom with you, or goes out on a date with you
  • All three of you go to an adult theater. You and the Hotwife sit together upfront, with the cuckold hubby sitting alone in the back, watching anything that might happen
  • Have the Hotwife flash her breasts in a public or semi-public place, and do it “for you”
  • Arrange to take the cuckold couple to a group or orgy scene, but only you and the Hotwife play. The cuckold husband is limited to watching only
  • Have the cuckold husband lay against the headboard on the bed, with his Hotwife leaning against him or laying on him, so that he can feel the power of your thrusts while you fuck her
  • Have the Hotwife kneel in front of you and have her cuckold husband hold her head from behind while you fuck her mouth until you cum
  • One night when the Hotwife visits you at your home convince her to stay the entire night and go home the next morning (Hint - alcohol is your friend!)
  • Surprise the cuckold husband coming home from work by fucking his wife on the bed or sofa when he walks in
  • When out in public together put your arm around the Hotwife frequently, acting as her husband
  • Make it the cuckold husband’s role to “prepare” his wife’s pussy every time you penetrate her. Have him do this whenever you take a break or change positions and between every fuck
  • Get in the backseat of a car with the Hotwife at night and have the cuckold husband drive you around town while you have sex with her
  • Bend the wife over your knee and spank her bottom red in front of the cuckold husband and then fuck her
  • While socializing at the couples home, ask the cuckold husband to get drinks and refills for you and the Hotwife. When he returns with a refill have his wife on her knees sucking your cock
  • Take the Hotwife on an overnight trip out of town
  • Have the cuckold husband lay next to his wife in bed, kissing her while at the same time holding one of her legs, helping spread her wide as you fuck her (even better if she cums like this)
  • Have the Hotwife do something for you that she would not do for her husband, or that he has been unable to get her to do
  • Have the cuckold husband drive his wife to your home wearing nothing but a full-length coat. When he drops her off tell him to return at a prearranged time to pick her up
  • Call or text the Hotwife late at night and tell her to leave her bed and meet you somewhere for a quick fuck
  • After fucking her with the cuckold husband watching, have the Hotwife spread her legs for him and masturbate while she tells him how much she loved it

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