If you’re not into the cuck-Hotwife lifestyle, you probably have not heard the word ‘creampie’ used in a sexual context.  Basically it a description of a woman’s vagina after a man has ejaculated inside her.

For those in the lifestyle a creampie can be a focal point of the evening.

You see, a creampie is the considered the ultimate sign of a wife’s infidelity. A Hotwife is seeking a sexual experience with another man. Her cuckold husband encourages her sexual activity. To both of them, there is no better confirmation that the wife has accomplished that goal than a pussy full of semen from another man.

This provides irrefutable evidence that she has had sex with someone other than her husband. Furthermore she has allowed that man to ejaculate inside her, which is an act normally reserved only for her husband, furthering the “slut wife” angle which so many cuckolds enjoy. There is also the pregnancy risk aspect, which for some has a very strong appeal.

Some wives may flaunt their used pussy in front of her husband after having sex, in a form of mutual teasing. This can be immediately after sex, assuming the husband is present, or it can be after returning home from a “date”.

Eventually this almost always leads to “creampie eating”, or oral sex, with the cuckold husband going down on his wife after she has had intercourse with another man.
I have found that there is usually a natural progression to creampie eating in most cuckold relationships. The husband is almost always in a high state of arousal after watching his wife have sex, or even if he is home alone while she’s out on a date, knowing that she is having sex.

Upon their reintroduction to one another the cuckold is strongly attracted to his wife, wanting to hear all the details about her evening, and to see, touch and smell her after her sexual encounters. This heightens his attraction and lust for her, helping them bond again.

During these reacquaintances the husband will come in contact with other men’s sperm left on or in the wife. At some point, sometimes with the wife’s encouragement, or at the direction of the Bull, the husband will find himself at a point where he will go down on his wife.

While often hesitant at first, most cuckold husbands find this to be a very pleasurable part of the evening and begin looking forward to it. The experience literally immerses them in an overdose of the senses as they see, touch, smell and taste their wife and her lover, which can be quite intoxicating. 

I myself am fairly neutral on this. As much as I may crave the opportunity to deposit a load of my sperm inside a gorgeous Hotwife, once I’ve done so then I have no preference what happens to my load. If a husband wants to eat his wife afterward I am only too happy to oblige. In most instances I have found that it is a total turn-on for the wife, and usually readies her for another round of screwing. So in that regard I am all for it.

I do recall one occasion where I fucked a beautiful blond wife in the missionary position, with her hips propped up on a pillow. Her husband was at the bottom of the bed, watching everything. After I came inside her I rolled off to the side, and she laid there with her legs outstretched. Then she smiled at her husband and said “Crawl between my legs and put your mouth on my pussy. I know you want to”.

He did just that. She and I laid there together in the dim light, her massaging my cock while I kissed her and played with her tits. We both watched her husband feeding hungrily between her legs until she reached another orgasm with all three of us together. It was pretty cool.

One thing to consider is that creampie eating can also have a domination angle to it, if played as a “demand” by the wife or the Bull. After sex, instructing the cuckold to get between his wife’s legs and “clean her up” is another way to push you (the Bull) up the pecking order, while simultaneously pushing the husband lower in the pecking order. In fact, if it’s the wife giving him direction then he is indeed on the bottom. So you can use this as a tool for domination.

If you want to help your cuckold couple learn to enjoy creampie eating, I would first get the wife onboard with the idea. All wives love oral sex. She shouldn't have a problem with it. Tell her it will be fun, with both of you working together to persuade her husband to do it.

Here is a simple way to make it happen:

Step One – Start having him go down on her BEFORE you fuck her, i.e., have him  ‘prepare’ his wife for you (minor domination).

Step Two – Later, start making him go down on her BETWEEN fucks. When you change positions or take a break, have him eat her pussy. This way he gets accustomed to going down on her after she's been fucking.

Step Three: After you cum inside her, have the husband finger his wife’s pussy. If there’s any hesitance, have the wife take his hand and place it between her legs, using her pussy to lure him in and get him to touch your sperm. Touching her pussy is non-threatening to him.

Step Four – Put him in a 69 while you fuck her from behind and then cum in her. Tell him to keep eating her after you cum and MAKE SURE she continues to suck his cock. While sucking his cock the wife should deliberately keep shifting her hips, trying to plant her open pussy on his mouth, and make it difficult for her husband to avoid her opening. 

Step Five – After fucking, with the wife laying on her back and legs open, you both lay side by side and tell him to get between her legs. Urge him in closer, and both of you encourage him to put his mouth on her sex. Once contact is made, continue to encourage him with suggestive language, making sure the wife tells him how much she enjoys him doing that, etc.

After that it should be easy to get him to clean up his wife each time she has sex. Many cucks find that to become the highlight of their night, and many wives find it immensely pleasurable on many levels.

Give it a try. It can be fascinating to watch. 

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