The key to cuckolding a husband is the wife

Of all the couples I've been with, the ones I enjoyed the most were those with a wife who was actively engaged in every aspect of our play. 

I have been with some wives were almost as passive as their husbands. They were not very active, not vocal and mostly just there. Sometimes I got the impression that they were just doing it for their husbands. The experiences were enjoyable, but definitely not all they could have been.

The best wives were those who got into the whole experience. They loved the sex with me, and they also loved turning on their husband. They were vocal leading up to sex, vocal in bed, and vocal afterward. In other words they were involved.

I try to read other Hotwife and cuckold blogs because it's good to learn from others and get new ideas. I found a particularly interesting post from a cuckold husband who was writing to explain that his wife was hesitant to say things that she feared would be hurtful to her husband. In his words, she didn't get what it was all about. 

After reading his post, and thinking back to some of my experiences, I believe he may be onto something. You see, cuckolds WANT to be teased and taunted with comments that might seem hurtful to you and I. 

They LIKE knowing that their wife is a slut for you
They LIKE knowing that their wife wants your bigger/better cock
They LIKE knowing that they may lose control of their wife because of you

I encourage you to have a real discussion with the wife early in the relationship, and help her understand what it is that her husband REALLY craves. Make her understand that he will not be hurt by knowing that she prefers fucking you. Make her see that he wants to hear things such as she could potentially fall for you, or you could knock her up. Sure it's all fantasy stuff, but that doesn't make the appeal any less real. 

Here is a list of things that the cuckold husband said he would love to hear from his wife, promising that they would not be hurtful at all, but would be very arousing coming from his wife's own lips:

Things that you think would be hurtful, but I would be excited to hear.
  • His cock is much bigger than yours. To be honest, I prefer it to yours.
  • I get hornier for him than I do for you.
  • I plan to start going to him when I need sex.
  • He’s all I think about some days.
  • I’m sorry that you don’t like me being gone so much, but I’m not stopping.
  • This was your idea. You got what you wanted. Deal with it. 
  • He can fuck me any time he wants.
  • I’m sorry if you want me to stay, but I’m going over to his place again tonight.
  • I love you, but he satisfies me.
  • I don’t love him, but I do think I’m getting feelings for him.
  • I’m sorry I didn’t come home last night. He wanted me to stay over.
  • He has stopped using condoms. I’m good with that.
  • You do realize that he could get me pregnant, don’t you?
  • The thought of getting pregnant with him doesn’t bother me. I really like him.
  • He doesn’t want me to fuck you at all this week. I told him I felt the same way.
  • I’m going to spend the night with him whether you like it or not.
  • I’m still your wife, but this is his pussy. 
  • (Before sex in front of hubby) Watch how he fucks me. This is how I like it.
  • (During sex) I love his cock much better than yours!
  • (During sex) This is the best fuck I've ever had. 
  • (During sex) Watch and learn from him.
  • (During sex) He's already lasted ten times longer than you do.
  • (During sex) I would do anything he says right now.
  • (After sex) That was the best I ever had.
  • (After sex) I don't think my pussy has ever felt this good.
  • (After sex) You never shot a load this big in me.
  • (After sex) I wonder if he got me pregnant.

That's a list of very intense things for a wife to say to her own husband. But the cuckold husband wants to hear them (and more). 

Do everyone a favor, and encourage the Hotwife to learn how to talk that way to her husband. Give the cuckold what he wants, so that he will keep encouraging his wife to come back to you for more. It all benefits you, the Bull, eventually. 

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